It’s almost that time of year to take action against prostate and testicular cancers.

Each year, the department participates in the Movember campaign to raise awareness and funds for prostate and testicular cancer and other health issues that affect men.

The month of “Movember” is entirely dedicated to raising awareness and funds for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. (Fun fact: the Movember fundraiser originated in Australia where the word “mo” is slang for “moustache.”) Funds raised in the United States are directed to programs that support a broad range of programs in the areas of awareness and education, survivorship and research. In 2018, there were 300,000+ supporters from around the world who raised a whopping $87 million for men’s health. Of that amount, Team 47POA was able to raise $4,010 towards the cause last year. It is our hope that we surpass that amount and raise a total of $5,000 this year.

Donation Details

For the months of November and December, all employees, Mo or no Mo, will be encouraged to participate in this great cause by making a donation to “Team 47POA” at the following link:
  • Male employees are permitted to grow “out-of-policy” facial hair during the months of November and/or December as a demonstration of their support to the cause. The donation amount made to Team 47POA will determine the type of facial hair an employee is permitted to grow (moustache, goatee or beard). An out-of-policy moustache requires a $25.00 donation, a goatee requires a $50.00 donation and a well-groomed beard requires a $100.00 donation. Separate donations must be made for each month in order to grow the “out-of-policy” facial hair. Please note that employees may not share the same donation for the purpose of participating in the growth of a moustache, goatee, or beard.
  • Female employees who wish to participate may contribute donations in any amount. However, for a small $20.00 donation to Team 47POA, female employees will receive a blue moustache pin (see attached image) that can be worn at the top of the right pocket flap of button-up uniform shirts or on the right collar of polo shirts. If you have a pin from last year, we respectfully ask that you contribute another $20.00 donation to demonstrate your support for Movember. Please note that female employees will be permitted to wear the blue moustache pin for the duration of both months with a single $20.00 donation to Team47POA. For a blue moustache pin, please see Forensic Services Technician Rachel Booth.
All participating employees may have a third party make a donation on their behalf but will need to have the third party note your name in the “Donation Details.” Once the donation has been made by you or a third party, you must present a donation receipt from the Movember website to your supervisor.

Lastly, please note that out-of-policy facial hair and blue pins may only be worn from November 1 through December 31.
  • Out-of-policy facial hair shall be removed by either December 1, January 1 or by the employee’s first scheduled work day in December or January. The date in which the facial hair needs to be removed depends if donations were made for November, December, or both months.
  • Pins must be removed by January 1 or the employee’s first scheduled work day in January.
At the end of the two months, male employees who participated in the fundraising campaign can send “selfies” of themselves to Forensic Services Technician Rachel Booth to enter into a “Best Moustache, Goatee, and Beard” contest. Winners’ names will be proudly etched on the Golden Brush display by first floor elevator.

By the time you have read this entire post, another man will have been diagnosed with prostate or testicular cancer. There is no better time than now to take action against these health crises.
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